Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Build your Wardrobe!

Today my post on my fashion blog{my tumblr} is how to build your wardrobe. I thought this post was very important so I decided my blogger followers needed to hear it too:

  1. Start with neutrals: Color is great in the world of fashion but you need to make sure that you have plenty of neutral colors. Blacks, browns, whites, cremes & grays are what you need to start with. 
  2. Learn to Layer: Building your wardrobe means you know how to layer efficiently. Layering adds personality to your outfits. plus, it helps you make the transition from night to day. Start out with undershirts, tanks, cardigans, camisoles, cardigans & blazers, collared shirts, vests & my favorite is scarfs.
  3. Clear out your closet: If you are just becoming interested in the fashion world, a good analogy for your closet is building a house. Start from scratch. If you already have a flair for fashion, clean out your closet every season. What you wore the most that season you keep & what you didn't wear should be tossed.
  4. Get the Basics: Make sure you have that basics. Neutral flats, undershirts, good pair of jeans, a formal & casual dress & a great casual sweater.
  5. Avoid Trendy Items: If you are just building your closet avoid trendy items. They will go out of style soon & you should first focus on purchasing the items that will not. That's not saying that you shouldn't follow up with the trends but you shouldn't splurge on one trend either.
  6. Be Balanced: Make sure you have a balanced wardrobe. If your closet consists of blazers & fitted pencil skirts..those items won't get you that far.
  7. Consider your lifestyle: When shopping for the pieces of your wardrobe consider what those clothes will be used for. Do you have a desk job? Do you attend many formal events? What is the climate of your home? These are all things to consider when shopping.
  8. Add your style: While your lifestyle may enforce a dress standard don't forget to incorporate your personality into your outfits.
  9. Check the fit: Make sure when shopping that your piece fits perfectly. Even if the fitted dress is cute on the hanger but hangs slouchy & baggy on you it will look awful. So FYI fitting rooms are there for a reason. 
  10. Enjoy it: Fashion is here for us to enjoy. Don't wear anything that you don't want to but apply your style to your dress standard & have a blast building your wardrobe
xoxo, Lexie

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