Monday, September 5, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Bad Bangs!

I know all of us have had bad bangs once in our life. Here are my 7 tips to fix bad bangs.

photo: gemma booth
1. You  need to get to your bangs when you get straight out of the shower. Don't wait till they get out of control.
2. Use heat protectants. Don't let your bangs dry or damaged. With the rest of your hair, you can chop off the damage if it gets  to crazy. Your bangs can't be cut much after they are damaged so be very cautious of that.
3. Don't use lot's of product of your bangs. {Shine sprays, Pomade, Hairspray, Serums} It can make your bangs look very greasy & that is not a pretty site. If your bangs are greasy it could look like you haven't washed your hair & your due for a bath.
4. If you are new to bangs, ask your stylist {as she styles your hair} the best & most efficient way to style your bangs. Also ask her opinion on products.
5. For different types of bangs you need different products. Research it out. {I am always happy to answer questions}
6. On bad hair days, when your bangs aren't doing what you want. PIN THEM UP! If you need help pinning up your bangs you can check here here. {There is a twist tutorial & a braid tutorial}
7. Love your bangs!!! I know when you have a "bad bang day" or you get a bad cut, or you cut them your self & you mess up. Well, hair grows back. Just remember these tips & you'll be a success!
Love your bangs!!
xoxo, Lexie

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  1. Great post, bangs can be a problem at times and these tips are great. I normally pin mine up when I can't be bothered to do anything to them.