Friday, August 19, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Hair Loss

I have never had to deal with this problem but a lot of people do. These are reasons why you might loose hair & how to fix it!!! 1
Lack of Nutrition: When your body doesn't get the vitamins & minerals you need. You can start to loose hair. If your hair is brittle for no reason. This is usually a good answer. You can use the best shampoos, no dyeing or color & air drying & your hair will still be brittle. This is when multi-vitamins,  fish oil capsules & other vitamins can come in handy. Go to your local health store to find out what vitamins will help your hair.

Pregnancy: Most people loose hair in their pregnancies Not all, but most. Usually 3-6 months after the baby is born. Typically around the hair line & nape of the neck.  There is nothing you can do to stop it. The hormonal changes that happen from the time your pregnant to the months after the baby arrives are so strong that nothing will stop it. No diet, vitamins, or relaxation is going to stop this natural process. So.... Get Bangs!!

There are many other reasons but I think that these two & also stress are the most common.

Short term fixes:
Extensions: On weak hair you never want tape in or bonded extensions. Get clip in ones. That way you can remove them when you get home & let your hair rest. This will make your hair look more full & healthy.
Massage: Use a Scalp Massager. {HERE} Brushing weak hair isn't a good idea. So instead stimulize the scalp by massage. If you can't get a hold on one then just massage with your fingers.
Vitamins: You can use different vitamins to help your hair grow. I use fish oil & Alaskan  salmon oil capsules. 

If things continue to get worse, talk to your doctor to see what medical advice, therapy & treatments will help your hair loss.
xoxo, Lexie

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